GH Walton

& Son

Welcome to the website of GH Walton & Son, a family business comprising of Woodlands Farm & Woodlands Business Centre.

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GH Walton & Son

G.H. Walton & Son Ltd is a family farming business with over 400 acres of land on the South Warwickshire borders in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 


The farm is predominantly arable, growing conventional cereal and protein crops, with some 50 acres of permanent pasture and 40 acres of mostly deciduous woodland.

Environmental Stewardship

and Flood Defence

The farm is part of the Countryside Stewardship Scheme and has created areas for wildlife habitat, wild bird winter feeding, and nectar and flower mixes for insects.  We have developed a number of structural solutions to provide flood defence for the village including balancing ponds and sacrificial flood zones.


Business Centre

The farm buildings off Malthouse Lane in the centre of the village have been converted to form several offices, workshops, and warehouse units.  Please contact us for information on availability.


of Way

There are 3 public footpaths through the farm, well-marked and accessible from the village of Long Compton.  Please keep dogs under control and be aware that arable crops, in particular, adjacent to the path may have been recently sprayed.  It is important that pets and ramblers keep to the paths so as not to disturb the various wildlife habitat areas including grass field margins. Please keep to the paths.